ABOUT THE FULTON HOUSE: The Fulton House Cooperative Apartment (as seen below) is located on the corner of Fulton Street and Boulevard East in Weehawken, NJ. It sits on top of the Hudson River Palasade, giving it sweeping views of the Hudson River itself, Midtown Manhattan, and international cruise ship docks, among many breathtaking sights.

It operates as a New Jersey cooperative corporation. Individual ownership is signified through shares in the corporation, rather than a property deed. The number of shares each owner controls is based upon apartment size. Some owners own shares for two or three adjacent apartments, all of which units are combined into a single dwelling.

The Fulton House is primarily owner-occupied, giving the building a stable, neighborly atmosphere. Upon selling, owners can elect to sell through a real estate agent or do it themselves. No single agent represents the Fulton House, nor is any agent endorsed by the coop's Board.

Owners live in studios or one-bedroom apartments, although a few live in combined apartments. Occupancy rules are as follows:

  • STUDIO: Under 500 square feet, a studio can house up to two adults, or one adult and a child.

  • ONE BEDROOM: Under 800 square feet, a one-bedroom unit can house up to two adults and two children. Note that excellent schools are nearby.

A monthly maintenance charge (allocated by share) covers Weehawken property taxes, a part-time building superintendent, a property manager, heat, and physical maintenance. The cooperative is overseen by an elected, non-paid Board of Directors.

Questions? Please contact the Fulton House Board of Directors