Enter the Fulton House through its glass lobby, the only such structure along Boulevard East.

The shared thrill for all Fulton House Coop residents is the view of the Hudson River and Manhattan and the pleasant feeling of river breezes. The darkend picture below highlights the view we see.

In addition to atmosphere, all units have a similarily-sized main living area. Interior decoration, however, differs widely from apartment to apartment. The unit seen in the photo below, for example, has an enclosed kitchenette, a large studio area, and a patio fronted by views of New York City.

The photos below show a one-bedroom unit where the kitchenette enclosure was removed.

A large dining area replaced the kitchenette. Behind it are steps leading to the apartment's bedroom.

Of course, all units in the Fulton House Coop have sunny living rooms, plus porches that overlook the Hudson River and Manhattan.

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